Dead Ringers: Series 12 par Tom Jameson

Titre de livre : Dead Ringers: Series 12
Date de sortie : June 11, 2015
Auteur : Tom Jameson
Éditeur : BBC Worldwide Ltd
Dead Ringers: Series 12 par Tom Jameson

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Tom Jameson avec Dead Ringers: Series 12

The award-winning BBC Radio 4 impressions show returns with a new cast of characters.

In 2014 we saw a welcome return to the airwaves for the comedy show that holds in its sights every programme, institution and politician you hold dear.

In these six episodes, Michael Portillo attempts to hide from his fellow This Week presenters; David Mitchell appears in EastEnders; Gareth Malone gives Ed Milliband tips on sounding normal; Masterchef meets The Great British Bake-Off; the European Space Agency receives some unusual telephone calls; Elton John sings nursery rhymes; and Nigel Farage hosts a podcast.

That's just for starters - dozens of other familiar figures and programmes are given the Dead Ringers treatment by the accomplished impressionists Jon Culshaw, Jan Ravens, Duncan Wisbey, Lewis MacLeod, Debra Stevenson.

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